Brazen crow

Lately I’ve become enough sleep – and noticed work colleagues. Like, only on Monday, passed weekend, and you are so tortured. Now back two hours earlier. One early in the morning, going as usual, to work in the kitchen preparing breakfast. At this time, attracted the noise outside the window.

Newbie, and there walks a bird, such as a crow and something to bite. My daughter heard the sound of metal, fun screamed: “Mommy, Mommy, look bird! Probably wants to eat. ” In its feminine goodness I take and put a piece of the window bread …

And since it all started. Every morning, in all weather conditions and at any time of the year, even on Saturday and Sunday, and at exactly the seventh floor in a loud knock window, and the roar of the clutches of the iron reflux. They tried to chase, and the bird comes back and knocks again until you get your food.

Even I tried not to pay attention to it, but the force knocking grows, we are people not machines and we do not have the nerves of steel, and the window is a pity. Purchase all kinds of repellents – are ineffective. Raven was not going to fly. We have to wake up every day and feed. In my opinion, crows can live about 300 years … oh God ….brazen-crow

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