Black cat and old dog are best friends

In Take shelter Animal Healing Sanctuary in Victoria (Australia) a kind woman named Cathy took nobody needs animals since 2010.

Over the years she has given dogs, cats and even goats a second chance in life. Some of them are old, injured or just abandoned people, but with love and tender care these animals find new reasons to live.

She saw a lot in six years, but admits they’ve never seen anything like the friendship between a black cat by the Waist and elderly dog named

Before you end up in the shelter, both were abandoned by the

It seemed that they will never find home… until they found each other! Suddenly their life has a whole new

Lonely days are soon filled with love and hugs.
Sometimes they allow another dog to enjoy your


But most of the time they spend alone.
However, the Waist and Gemella are not the only animals showing an unusual friendship in this shelter.
Here is a dog’s best friend which is a young

And a cat that like to kiss other-a goat right on the nose!black-cat-old-dog-best-friends-8

They are very cute.

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