Binturong – cat bear

Binturong is not very large, but very “original” animal, which the locals present the visiting tourists as “cat bear”.

The binturong korotkolapye kind of seem awkward, but it can be quite tenacious to grab items tail, whose length is practically equal to the length of the Tala animal 60 – 95 see This “grasping” ability of the tail allows binturong weighs 9 – 14 kg (some individuals can reach up to 20 kg) is quite free to climb trees. The animal has another feature – when it moves on the ground, then steps on her paw like a bear. For these features binturong called “cat bears.”

At first, the biologists attributed this charismatic animal with dark coarse long fur, long white whiskers and tufts on the ears to the raccoon family. But then he looked closer, he thought, and transferred binturong in the family of viverrids.

Most part of my life binturong spends above the ground. The previously mentioned prehensile tail and giving freedom of movement front legs special structure of the bones and muscles of the shoulder girdle allow the animal to freely climb the tree trunk and gradually move from branch to branch.binturong-cat-bear-3

Binturong nocturnal predator, but its diet is dominated by plants – a variety of fruits and young shoots. But past the bird’s eggs, the owners themselves nests and other small animals, he does not pass indifferently. Do not disdain the binturong even carrion. Despite the mostly aerial lifestyles, binturong good swims and even dives that allows it from time to time to organize fishing days.binturong-cat-bear-1

In the wild, binturongs can be found in the thick tropical forests of Southeast Asia from Eastern India to the Islands of Indonesia (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java) and the Philippines (the island of Palawan).binturong-cat-bear-2

By nature their singles, but after the birth of a young happily married couple with offspring while living as a single group, which is directed by a female. The binturong females after 90 days of gestation gives birth to an average of 2 – 3 cubs, but can extend this range from 1 to 6 heirs.binturong-cat-bear-4

The nature of their fairly quiet and livable. People are being friendly and easily transferred to captivity and tame quickly. But the abundant and uncontrolled urination does not allow them to become popular Pets.


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