The Biggest Cow in the World live in Australia (5 photos + video)

The biggest cow in the world live in Australia. Although “technically” this is bull. Big Moo lives in Glencoe (South Australia), it weighs nearly a ton, a length of 4.27 meters, and the height at the withers — 190 centimeters. This is a real giant among the cows!biggest-cow-world-live-australia-1

However, despite its large and menacing appearance, Large Mu loves when it scratching behind the ear. The owner of the largest bull is Joanne vine (Joanne Vine), a midwife by profession and happy grandmother, who lives with her husband on a dairy farm. Impressed by the huge proportions of the Big Moo, she spared the animal and sent it to slaughter. According to her, the life he saved his uniqueness.biggest-cow-world-live-australia-2

Joanne suggests that 7-year-old Big Moo may rise further, which is likely to be the result of undiagnosed disorders of the pituitary gland, producing excess growth hormones.biggest-cow-world-live-australia-3

Although the Big Moo has not yet got into the Guinness Book of records, his mistress was already thinking of carrying out official measurements. To make sure that Big Moo — the biggest in Australia, Joanne vine issued a call to the owners of cattle declared their giants, although more than sure that he will become the owner of Guinness record.biggest-cow-world-live-australia-4biggest-cow-world-live-australia-5

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