Big and little bears

May tale may be true…
Spent the night hunter in the woods. Made a fire, made of pine branches under the tree, summer heat. Fell asleep. Woke up, felt like. The fire is not extinguished. Sees in his light a few meters away stands the bear. He is for gun.

The mother bear growled and ran off, stopped. Was not sleep. He began to watch her. She comes closer and growls and steps back. As if calling. Went to a man to her guns just in case at the ready. And she does not attack, out forward.

In short she brought him to the abandoned forest dies. On this portage little bear, her son, still alive, confused paw in the piece, disheveled, abandoned by the loggers cord. Man was dumbfounded by what he saw in the light of the flashlight. Undid the little bear.

The big dipper, in the side silently, stood and watched. Then again growled and went into a dark forest. Well, the hunter, was not the fate of torture, left the freed prisoner and went on.
Big-an- little-bears

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