Belka and Strelka dogs astronauts

Belka and Strelka dogs astronauts, the first animals, has committed an orbital flight in space and returned to Earth unharmed. The flight took place on the ship “Sputnik-5”. The launch took place August 19, 1960, the flight lasted more than 25 hours, during which time the ship made 17 orbits around the Earth.belka-and-strelka-dogs-astronauts_1

The main purpose of the experiment to launch a second spaceship-satellite, named “Sputnik-5” (the fifth spacecraft series “Sputnik”), was to study the effects of space flight factors on the organism of animals and other biological objects (overload, prolonged weightlessness, the transition from overload to zero gravity and back), studying the effects of space radiation on animal and vegetable organisms, on the condition of their life and heredity, testing of systems supporting human life, safety of flight and safe return to Earth. There were several biomedical experiments and research of outer space.belka-and-strelka-dogs-astronauts_2

Future life Belka and Strelka was held in the aviary of the Institute of aviation and space medicine. In this case they were taken for display in kindergartens, schools and orphanages. After a few months the shooter has brought offspring. All six puppies were healthy. One of them is a female named Feather, Nikita Khrushchev gave the wife of U.S. President John Kennedy, Jacqueline and their daughter Caroline.belka-and-strelka-dogs-astronauts_3

Belka and Strelka lived to a ripe old age and died a natural death. Currently, the effigies of these dogs are in the Memorial Museum of cosmonautics in Moscow and are still the objects of attention of visitors, especially children.belka-and-strelka-dogs-astronauts_4

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