Bear gardener

 Maybe you have met in the forest areas where there are, grown fruit trees are located somehow not to place? For example, in the midst of softwood suddenly grew wild apples, plums or more raspberry bushes. One friend told me where they come from.

After graduation, he went to visit his grandfather (from school came to see). His grandfather was a forester. His grandfather lived on the plot in the woods, away from civilization boiling. He also had his own hut, a garden, enclosed by a fence.

Here at this fence, my friend noticed a slender number of apple trees stretching into the forest. A friend asked grandfather:

– Father, for whom and why you planted the apple tree there?
– It was not me they were put, and the bear.
– ???
– Come back, I somehow with the bypass area and saw the fence knocked down, all that my apple trees in an arc that are broken, they do not have a crop. And this oppressor bear lounged on the beds and sleeping.
– The bear?
– Well, who else? It is worn out it after my fruits. I climbed up onto the porch of the hut, but fired into the air.
– Bear with fright grabbed a shovel and began to compensate for the damage?
– Now get this shovel on the head! Do not interrupt the older! No he grabbed a shovel …

Bears stomach is – it no seeds are not digested. With fright bear ran into the woods, on the go spending defecation (actually my grandfather used a more capacious and popular expression). The next year, where he ran the apple shoots had risen. On Fertilizer. Caught on …bear-gardener

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