Bear 30 years of waiting for salvation

We are all accustomed to the fact that bears – dangerous ferocious animals. Faced with such a predator in the wild, so to meet face to face with death (all imagined Oscar-winning “Survivor” and nodded).

Fifi – Syrian brown bear. In the eyes of this poor animal is absolutely no anger. But there is pain, incredible fatigue and absolutely sincere misunderstanding of why she had such a cruel fate.bear-30-years-of-waiting-for-salvation

The first 10 years of his life Fifi held a small cage in a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania. When the zoo closed, pet owners completely ignored the bear and her three cousins, leaving the predators to languish in cramped, unsuitable for content bears cells. In this prison Fifi lived for 20 years.bear-30-years-of-waiting-for-salvation2

Although, its existence can hardly be called a life. The animal is not walking, bad food, she had no access to water. The worst thing is that the bear was not allowed to hibernate, so her body was at the last stage of exhaustion.bear-30-years-of-waiting-for-salvation3

Last summer, the owner of Fifi decided to get rid of the bears. To pick up the animals arrived employees of PETA who were shocked by the condition of the bear: a thin, skin hanging off in places obtachivaya skeleton, his eyes sunken. Later, Fifi found the arthritis in his back legs. She and the other bears are periodically swayed back and forth is the movement of animals use to cope with stress.bear-30-years-of-waiting-for-salvation4

In the shortest possible time the animals were transported to the wild animal Park in Colorado and provided them with appropriate care and proper nutrition. For the first time their paws touched grass, the water in the pool, the first time they tasted the fruit.bear-30-years-of-waiting-for-salvation5

Freedom and careful medical supervision is miraculously transformed Fifi. The bear has gained weight and has got thick long fur coffee color. Thanks to the employees of PETA, now, Fifi, all will be well.bear-30-years-of-waiting-for-salvation6

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