Barely holding back tears

The husband and wife to not feel alone, once bought a German shepherd puppy. They loved him and cared for him like their own son. Puppy quickly grew and turned into big, beautiful, smart dog. He once saved property from thieves, was a faithful, loyal, loved and protected their masters.

After a few years couple gave birth to long-awaited child. Man and woman were happy. However, worries about baby took up almost all of their free time, so the dog’s attention was no longer given. Dog felt unnecessary and soon became jealous of child to owners. Once parents have left sleeping son in house, while they themselves were engaged on terrace preparing for barbecue.

When they went to check on the child, from a child’s room came dog. Mouth dog was in blood and it is quite wagging her tail. Father of child, assuming worst, grabbed his gun and immediately killed the dog. Then he ran into the nursery and on the floor, about cradles son, saw a huge headless snake. — I killed my faithful dog! – he said, barely holding back tears.barely-holding-back-tears

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