The soul will become warmer: look at the first steps of the 4-month-old Panda who learns to walk. The Panda’s name is Peanut,she is the daughter of 20-year-old Panda go-Go, and the first Panda, which was born in

By the way, the name of the baby Panda came up with 50,000 people who participated in the Panda named Peanut fascinated the users with their cute attempts to get to his feet. Cub with his mother lives in Shanghai wildlife Park. Footage of the first Panda published by People’s Daily

In this photo, the Peanut is not even two months.



Cao Liang, Deputy Director of the Shanghai wild animal Park, said that at birth the Peanut weighed 151 grams and was 14.3 cm in length. And now the little Panda already weighs 7,000

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