Six-month kittens Dora and Felix passersby picked up on the road. Understand that kittens have something wrong, rescuers took them to a local center for animal care. Experts who examined the kittens said the kittens born without eyelids, without surgery going blind. Sydney zoo surgeons took to help animals, but did not guarantee success. And now, finally, it became clear that Dora and Felix is perfectly healthy!australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-1

That looked so Dora and Felix in six months, when their half-blind, picked up on the side of the road. Doctors claimed that without the surgery they would soon completely lose vision.australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-2

The complex operation was done at the Sydney eye center for animals, but the doctors did not guarantee success.australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-3

Only now, three months later, it became clear that the operation was successful.australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-4

Dora and Felix have reached the age of nine months, can see perfectly and feel great.australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-5

Now they remain in the center for animal care in New South Wales, and animal rights activists looking for their new home.australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-6

Not quite the normal shape of the eyes betrays the fact that the kittens had to endure. But the doctors claim that with their vision and health, all right!australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-7

The staff of the center for animal care say that would be happy to attach kittens to a new family together because they are very friendly.australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-8

Dora and Felix is an affectionate and sociable cats that enjoy walking in the garden and cat lead an active lifestyle.australian-doctors-saved-the-sight-of-the-kittens-born-without-eyelids-9


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