Assistant Baboon

 Wide James worked as a guard on the railway in South Africa in the late 19th century. As a result of the accident, he lost his legs, then he lost his job. Then James made himself a wooden prosthesis, and he urged the leadership of the road take him to the position of the signalman.

A disabled person would not be easy to cope with their responsibilities, if not docile and Executive Assistant – Jack baboon.

Jack dragged the water, pick up trash, drove on James trolley and even learned to set alarms. Once a passenger noticed the baboon – signaller and a scandal. A couple initially suspended from work but begged signalman guide to arrange his assistant exam. Jack it proudly stood, not making mistakes in any signal.

The only drawback was the assistant signalman his addiction to alcohol:
He used every day take wineglass brandy and without it ceased to obey the master.

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