Ara and cat

A friend had a parrot breedAra“, it’s so big and beautiful with a huge beak. And so it happened that we had to leave and the bird was attached to one friend at a time, and that one had a cat who considers himself the chief if not the world, in the apartment accurately.

Parrot brought in a cage, put on the table and the cat immediately took a very hostile position, began to rush into the cell, strongly threaten, etc.

But parrot is not a Canary, and its beak is serious, the current owner decided to open the cage and see what will be. Opened the cage, the parrot came out and went to the cat, the first cat hair on end, fight.
But then somehow got confused and began to slowly retreat backwards, and the parrot just keeps coming at him, the cat pressed his back to the wall, the parrot came to him and said (he was speaking): “You want tea?
Cat three days sitting under the sofa.Ara-and-cat

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