Apologies lizard

Friend gave lizard. A friend of his feeding, watering, without any lyrics.
And once bitten lizard owner’s finger. The first reaction – “… Now I’ll throw you ..” Then he looks at him as a reptile faithfully and sad looking. She looks into his eyes and seems to say: “Sorry, boss, I’m sorry.” The guy already deeply moved.

In the morning, waking up, and pet sitting next to him … all night he continued, looking sad. The friend was so inspired – a sensitive and caring in his pet.

However, the finger had not passed and also swollen. He bore the lizard to the doctor. It turned out that this kind of poisonous lizards, only the poison they have very weak. Therefore, they first bite and then go for the victim and wait until she dies …0929a0ddb9e93ab5af7e48aba1582f77

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