Animals saved people’s lives

We have already convinced You how awesome, beautiful and cute animals! But today we will show you another great quality of some of the animals — a huge dedication and courage.

This post we dedicate to the heroic animals that did not remain in side and saved the man from imminent danger, and in some cases even from certain death.

In fact, there are many animals that intervene in a critical situation and saved the people in the most unexpected and heroic way.

If you love animals, we are sure that after reading this list of stories will love them even more! So, before you — 25 heroic animals who saved people!

1. Dolphins have saved swimmers from sharks

In 2004 in the coastal waters of New Zealand four people escaped death from the attack of a great white shark through a group of dolphins that were swimming around them in circles for 40 minutes until the shark lost interest in them and not sailed.

First, the swimmers thought the dolphins just playing with them, but quickly realized that in fact, these intelligent animals saved them from a 3-metre white shark that tried to break the ring.


2. Lions saved a girl from kidnappers

Incredible event occurred in 2005 in Ethiopia after the 12-year-old girl on the way home from school were kidnapped by four men. A few days later, the group met three lions that chased the kidnappers left the girl and not causing her any harm. When the police finally found the girl of predators left.

Some experts believe that the lions may have spared the girl because her crying was like the mewing of a lion cub.animals-saved-peoples-lives2

3. The dog saved a man from drowning

A chocolate Labrador named Nanook became a hero after he noticed a drowning person in the port of Malaga (Spain) and led by its owner at the scene.

Slim man, who was 60 years old, nearly froze and was close to drowning, and would hardly have survived in this situation, if not for Nanuk. Later, the Labrador has received praise from port authority.animals-saved-peoples-lives3

4. Pig rescued a woman during a heart attack

In 1998, Jo Ann Altsman while on vacation in Pennsylvania suffered a heart attack. Lulu, pig her daughter ran out of the house and went on the road to stop traffic.

The pig tried relentlessly to help the woman, she returned home to check on Jo Ann and then ran back to the street for help. In the end, she managed to attract the attention of one man stopped the car and went after the pig in the house, where they found lying on the floor, realizing what had happened, called an ambulance.animals-saved-peoples-lives4

5. The cat saved the man during a fire in the house

It happened in Australia in 2014. Jeeves Craig was sleeping at home when the fire started. The man probably would have died if not for his tabby cat Sally, who jumped on his head and began to scream.

Jeeves woke up just in time to get out of the house, which was soon destroyed by fire. A man and his brave cat that he adopted, escaped and was not injured.animals-saved-peoples-lives5

6. Dog rescued 92 sailors who stranded

In 1919, a ship called “Ethie” c 93 sailors on Board during a violent storm crashed into cliffs and ran aground.

After surging wave swept into the sea one of the men, the sailors realized that they were the only hope for salvation is a four — legged member of the crew, a Newfoundland named Tang (Tang). Holding one end of the rope in its mouth, the dog jumped into the water and went to look for help.

When the animal reached the shore, the locals were amazed to see that he still holds in his teeth the end of a rope. Thanks to the endless courage of Tenga, all survivors 92 sailor was saved.animals-saved-peoples-lives6

7. Deer rescued a woman from an attacker

In February 2012 in Oxford, Ohio, a young woman returning home from a party, was attacked by the unknown. The attacker dragged her around the corner of the building and tried to strangle a strap from a handbag. Suddenly from a Bush near a deer ran out, scaring the attacker, who immediately fled. Shaken, but not seriously injured woman returned to the party and called “911”.animals-saved-peoples-lives7


8. A rabbit saved a man from a coma

Suffering from childhood diabetes, Simon Steggall from Cambridge, UK, fell into a coma while watching TV. When Dory, his pet Bunny saw it, he jumped on his chest, hit. Victoria, wife of Simon, noticed the strange behavior Dori, realized what happened and called an ambulance.animals-saved-peoples-lives8

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