White animals have long been considered magical. Animals and birds-albino — all white from beak to tail and claws, from horns to hoofs.

The unusual shape of animals-albinos and the aura of mystery Shrouding their origins, gave rise to different peoples of many myths and legends. Remember even the mighty white bull, the image of which according to ancient Greek mythology was Zeus reincarnated…

However, if these myths and legends and if you have a real reason, then most likely, it goes about animals, white color or partial albinos.

Full albinos mostly differ reduced viability in nature ruthlessly discarded by natural selection, so not everyone is able to survive and produce offspring.

Devoid of masking color and stands out sharply among his kin, the animals are albinos attract increased attention of predators, becoming their victims in the first place, but the predators albinos can’t sneak up to victims, and to earn their living.animals-are-albinos2






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