An expensive car

I stood at the bus stop, wait for their bus. Drives an expensive car, and in it sits a man in a respectable suit. He asks me how to get to St. Colors, 125. I close this house live.
I explained it to him, but he says “Come with me, you show me”. Approaching home I see…

My ex-girlfriend walking with her boyfriend.
Naturally, I wanted to at this point look very serious and important. She immediately comes to me and asks, from where and how? A man in an expensive car has not yet left us, and at that moment he realized that the need to play along, so he says to me:
“Boss You wait or You yourself then go for”. And throws the keys to me, here in this moment, I am specifically confused… The girl runs away in tears, her boyfriend rushed her, and I’m standing in disbelief, and the man hysterically. Their faces had to see.
The moral is – help people.expensive-car

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