Always hungry dog

  My girlfriend has a Julie – great dog, dachshund. It is with such long ears, long body and sad eyes. Hunting. Despite the somewhat absurd figure and short legs, it has a surprising agility, and added to this extremely a vile character. The host she commands, like a true cat does not perform. But as a real the dog is constantly hungry. On the street she ate everything.

So, far from their homes have green belt with a pond where swimming in the summer fatty duck. Walking people, especially children, happy to feed them some bread from the bridge.

Once the hostess Julie and wandered in the vicinity of the pond. The dog, as usual, ran to their canine cases ignoring the command “Come”. And suddenly, thrusting the muzzle of a coastal bush, she found fatty ducks in the pond.

Ducks carelessly worn here and there behind the thick pieces of bread crumb that abound rained down on them from the bridge. Disorder !!! Julie won the first speed with all the power of their short legs, and threw herself into the pond! BUT NO! NOT ducks! For the bread!

Floating among ducks with crazy speed she grabbed Dropped bread on the way fending off interfering ducks. Ducks spat and disappeared. Now I swim in the pond just Julie. People with a floating bridge fed dog at a breakneck pace. The bread did not have time not only to sink, but even get wet, instantly disappearing into the dog’s mouth. The children were delighted. Their parents were rolling with laughter. And we asked whose it is such a wonderful, so cheerful, so hungry dog?

And on the beach, in the bushes, I was red with shame, my friend,
and quietly repeated: “It’s not my dog. That’s not my dog …”always-hungry-dog

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