The mommy cat

I have two children and cattery. Recently one of my furry friends already gave birth to seven kittens. And every time she wants to go about his business, comes in and meows — come, they say, and watch the kids.

Thought to eat or goes to the bathroom, but accidentally found that
tailed Maman gets in the tub and there is banal asleep for about 10 minutes. One.

Now she sent to rest, because you know her like no other.
So much for women’s solidarity)the-mommy-cat

Smiling goat

Did you know that goats love to smile? Yes, they do it quite often and from the heart, just not everyone is able to notice it in time. Especially us city dwellers. But trust me, goats – these are the smiley! Don’t believe? See for yourself.smiling-goat-01







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