Agile kitty

 Early in the morning. Standing at the bus stop waiting for their transport.
The roadway periodically crawls out little kitten. Compassionate passengers, picking
under the abdomen, alternately transferred fidget on the bench in the depth stop.

Kitten with great effort, puffing and panting, coming down and raving
again on the road. To a stop, opening on-the-go door, rolls up another bus.

Kitten with unexpected agility jumps off the bench, rushing to the bus, clutching at full speed paws at the lower degree, with effort pulling his obviously heavy and ass
it turns out in the cabin. As the other passengers on this the route was not the driver with a Bang closes the door and leaves.

Rear hear thoughtful voice:  Apparently he urgently needed to leave….
From the friendly laughter I missed my transport..agilecat

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