A touching story about a dog named Stanley

Stanley failed one of the tests. The dog decided to send in a kennel where most likely would just put me to sleep, as the dog was deemed unfit for training, however, Stanley was incredibly lucky. The dog liked the police inspector Anne Higgins, who decided to take him to his home. It would seem that life is getting better, but after a while the dog landed in the animal hospital after he choked on a bone.

As fortunately, veterinarians have had a dog emergency help, Stanley, and again narrowly escaped death. But here the trouble did not end there: some time later, the dog was poisoned stale chicken. Stanley was under the supervision of veterinarians for several weeks, but fortunately in this case everything worked out…

It would seem that you expect from a dog who failed his training in the police, and also periodically gets into various troubles. However, even such unlucky with the dog as Stanley was “ACE in the hole”. Family of cops (Ann Higgins and her husband Mike) dog proved to be exclusively obedient and teachable. Stanley was thankful that it sheltered in this house, so he strove to help his mistress Anne Higgins.a-touching-story-about-a-dog-named-stanley

“Stanley has not passed any of the officers of the tests, so it wanted to send to the kennel where most likely it would simply be put to sleep. At this point I decided to take him home. The first years with him were very hard. It is practically not amenable to training and didn’t listen to us. In addition, several times I had to take him to the vet (the case of bone and poisoning), but after all these years Stanley, something is still learned. He helps me with the housework. For example, if I wash, it takes me clothespins and dirty stuff from the hamper!”, says Ann Higgins about his pet.

Moreover, in recent years Stanley has become so intelligent that he was able to get into the final part of the prestigious dog competition that will be held in March 2013 in Birmingham. It turns out that the dog that the police once admitted unteachable, can prove their worth!