A pit bull becomes a mother to ducklings

Pitbull Jake was presented as a gift to the woman he was not needed. The first months of his life he spent locked up in a box.
Casey Boggs saw a post on Facebook: “Someone can take this dog.”
It was like a cry for help,” says Boggs, a resident of Wentzville (mo).a-pit-bull-becomes-a-mother-to-ducklings


Proggs who looked after animals since the age of 15 seemed to know all about the difficulties of salvation. But when Casey brought home Jake, he was afraid of even a cat, MIA. In fear, Jake spent nearly a week.a-pit-bull-becomes-a-mother-to-ducklings3

All over the fact that my animals cuddling. And this is good because Jake realized that strangers don’t always cause pain.”a-pit-bull-becomes-a-mother-to-ducklings4

Jbaggs brought home two orphaned ducklings from the nursery. And she was afraid to acquaint them with Jake. They could become the new thing, the alarming“.

He lay down next to their tub the first night. And just watching them,” says Boggs.
The reaction of other dogs was, “Cool. Poultry at home. I want my flying saucer. I want to eat. What’s next?But not Jake. He became a “mother” for ducklings.image

Very soon the ducklings began to walk around the Jake“. “He goes with me up the stairs, lays down on his stomach and lies so, because he understands that these creatures are very fragile.”
In the house of Boggs all loved the ducklings.a-pit-bull-becomes-a-mother-to-ducklings5

This is not the first time love of dogs and ducks, but in the story Jake is a feature. The fact that the dog is suffering from cranial osteopathy of the mandible – diseases affecting the skull and lower jaw, which causes pain while eating.
“I believe that his condition causes him to sympathize with others,” says Boggs.
With warmth and encouragement Jake these kids are making up for what they lost in life,” says Boggs.a-pit-bull-becomes-a-mother-to-ducklings7

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