A lion escaped from the buffaloes

Two tourists with a guide parked the car in the Masai Mara near the grazing animals, to observe them. People could not even imagine that in a few minutes they will see the breathtaking scene of the humiliation of the king of beasts.a-lion-escaped-from-the-buffaloProbably the lion tried to attack a newborn calf, which was guarded by adult animals. Buffaloes responded immediately and frightened the predator so much that he had to climb a tree to avoid becoming a victim..a-lion-escaped-from-the-buffalo2According to the authors of the photos Daily Mail, the buffaloes have not stopped: they began to walk in circles around the tree, on which hung a lion.a-lion-escaped-from-the-buffalo3a-lion-escaped-from-the-buffalo4The predator had begun to slide down the shaft under the weight of his body, and he had no choice as to jump down and swiftly retreat into the bushes.a-lion-escaped-from-the-buffalo5

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