A letter written by a ginger cat, whose name is Fox

Hello People!
Here I decided to write my story. The story I got sad and happy. In that order.
There was I, a red cat. Live well at home. All I was OK. But one day I got sick. And with you People, it happens. I was very ill. I was taken to the hospital. Not treated, and put to sleep. I cried loudly, begged not to leave, not to kill me. It was terrible – not to describe. But the cat God heard me. The doctors took pity on me and began to treat.

I tried very hard to help the doctors. I endured surgery, injections, medications. And it is not very nice! And not in vain endured! I began to recover. That’s just all I’ve been called : sad ginger cat. And what a joy? I realized that no one liked me.

So I lived in the hospital. In a cage. in a collar. Thought, and so will my cat’s life. But then I fell on happiness. No, not so! HAPPINESS! It turns out that doctors wrote about me ad. And accidentally my story saw Family! I was lucky! At first I did not really believe. But took the handle and drove me HOME!

And call me now – cat Fox. As you? Me – loved it! I have a pillow on the window. And most importantly. I now have a Home and a Family!a-letter-written-by-a-ginger-cat-whose-name-is-fox