A guide dog

A guide dog saved the life of one-year-old boy.In the County of greater Manchester, England, there was an amazing incident: a guide dog saved the life of a small child. Labrador pushed a stroller with a boy from a moving car.

A few days ago 26-year-old Jessica Cowley (Cowley Jessica), which was diagnosed with tunnel vision, together with his son Jacob and a guide dog named jet went past the Parking lot. At this point one of the parked cars began to move, but the woman is not capable peripheral the review, did not notice the impending danger.

Jessica continued to carry the stroller with one year old Jacob, when the car knocked her down. Seeing that the vehicle continues to move, the dog rushed forward and pushed the stroller to the side.

“Immediately after we stepped off the curb, I heard the screeching of tires and then felt a strong kick. The next moment the leash in my hand stretched as a string, and I realized that the jet rushed to the son. The dog managed to push a stroller and thus saved the life of Jacob, – says 26-year-old Briton. – Stroller tipped over, but the child was out of danger. Then jet ran up to me, licked his face and made sure that I am awake. She coped with its task perfectly”.a-guide-dog

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