A gorilla named Koko is raising kittens

Living in the San Francisco zoo gorilla named Koko, famous for the fact that she was able to master the language, celebrated his 44th birthday. As a gift to the coach Francine Peterson gave his ward of kittens.

The gorilla, which had never had their babies very quickly became attached to the kids and love them with all my heart. Now they live together with her, filling her life with new meaning. Currently, Coco is able to understand 2,000 words in English. Their wishes gorilla expresses using 1,000 hand gestures, which taught her Francine…a-gorilla-named-koko-is-raising-kittensa-gorilla-named-koko-is-raising-kittens2a-gorilla-named-koko-is-raising-kittens3a-gorilla-named-koko-is-raising-kittens4

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