A cat with false teeth

In my life, I once met a wonderful person, with whom under one roof spent 24 happy years. Marquis was born two years before me, even before the Second world war. When the city fell under siege, the cat disappeared. It did not surprise us: the city was starving, starving everything that flew, crawled, barked and meowed. We soon left in the rear and returned in 1946.

It was in this year in Leningrad from all over Russia began to import cats echelons, as were a lot of rats. One day early in the morning someone was ripping claws the door and with all his might to scream.

The parents opened the door and gasped: on the threshold stood an enormous black-and-white super a cat and without blinking stared at my father and mother. Yes, it was the Marquis, who returned from the war.

The scars of injuries, shortened tail and a torn ear spoke about his experiences of the bombing. Despite this, he was strong, healthy and well-fad. No doubt that this is the Marquis, was not: on a snow-white neck was adorned with artistic black butterfly. The cat sniffed the hosts, me, things in my room, collapsed on the sofa and slept for three days without food or water. He frantically went through in the dream paws meowed, sometimes even purred a song, then suddenly bared his fangs and hissed menacingly at the unseen enemy. Marquis quickly got used to the peaceful life.

In 1948, the Marquis had troubles lost all the teeth of the upper jaw. The cat began to fade before his eyes. Veterinarians were categorical: put to sleep. And here we are with mother, with tears in her eyes sitting in the vet with his furry friend in her arms, waiting for the queue to his slumber.
– What a lovely cat, said the man with a small dog in her arms.
– What about him? And we, choking with tears, told him the sad history.
– Let me see your beast?

The man took the Marquis, unceremoniously opened his mouth. Well, we are waiting for you tomorrow in Department Institute of dentistry. We will help your Awning. When the next day at the research Institute we pulled the Awning out of the basket, gathered all members of the Department.

Our friend caught a Professor in the Department of prosthodontics, told his colleagues about the military fate of the Marquis, he transferred to the embargo, which became the main cause of tooth loss. The Marquis put on a muzzle ether mask, and when he fell into a deep sleep, one group of doctors made an impression, the other was nailed in bleeding the jaw silver pins, the third put cotton swabs.

When it was over, we were told to come for dentures in two weeks, and a cat to feed meat broths, liquid porridge, milk and sour cream with cottage cheese, which at the time was very problematic. But our family, by cutting their daily rations, coped.

Two weeks passed instantly, and again we in the Institute of dentistry. A fitting gathered the entire staff of the Institute. The prosthesis is put on the pins, and the Marquis was similar to the artist of the original genre, whose creative smile the need.

But the prosthesis did not like the Awning to taste it furiously tried to pull it out of his mouth. Who knows what would over this trouble, if the nurse didn’t think to give him a piece of boiled meat. Marquis have not tried this delicacy, and, forgetting the prosthesis, was greedily chewing. The cat immediately felt a huge advantage of the new fixtures.

His face reflected the enhanced mental work. He has forever linked his life with a new jaw. Between Breakfast, lunch and dinner jaw rested in the Cup of water. Nearby stood the cups with inserted jaws grandmother and father. Several times a day, and then
and at night, the Marquis approached the glass and making sure that it jaw in place, was dozing off on huge Granny’s sofa. And how much experience got the cat when he once remarked the lack of their teeth in a glass!

The whole day Stripping their toothless gums, Marquis yelled, as if asking home where they touched his device? Jaw he found himself it was under the sink. After
in this case the cat most of my time sat watching my glass.

So, with an artificial jaw, the cat lived 16 years. When he walked in the 24th year, he felt his departure into eternity. A few days before his death, he no longer came to
his glass jaw.

Only in the last day, gathering all his strength, he climbed up on the sink, stood on his hind legs and threw a glass from the shelf to the floor. Then, like a mouse, took my jaw in his toothless mouth, moved to the couch, and embracing her with his front paws, looked at me long animal eyes, murmured his last song and gone forever.a-cat-with-false-teeth

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