A cat and a refrigerator

My friend Serge lived cat. Young, brash, energetic, half-wild cattle. The daughter of Serge brought the cat home with yard, still a kitten. Despite the home life of the cat has not lost hunting instincts of the yard, imbibed with mother’s milk.

The day the cat is spent in front of the fridge waiting for the oversight of home. If someone opened the door the fridge, the cat immediately rushed inside, grabbed whatever was lying around and quickly devoured until took.

A couple of times before he had time to jump out. Held in the refrigerator for several hours in the cold and the dark. Countless times was intercepted and bits. But all this did not break the spirit of the great hunter. The cat broke his Majesty the CHOICE. Blessed and cursed. When the cat ran once again, the fridge door was closing. Serge absently slammed the fridge door.

The door hit the fridge and opened. But Serge didn’t notice it. Said the cat. Here it is the hour!!! The whole universe is yours paws!!! When Serge was moving from his room to the side of the bath, his attention was attracted by a dim light from the kitchen. The ajar door of the refrigerator in the ass cat.

Cat fascinated, staring, staring inside the fridge. Realizing that all at once he won’t eat. He was NOT ABLE to CHOOSE where to start. Serge kicked the door down. The dream was over. The cat sighed and thoughtfully stepped aside.a-cat-and-a-refrigerator

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