A brief history about a cat that steals men’s underwear

Mistress of cats Tonkinese breed in new Zealand Hamilton was horrified to learn that her favorite steals from neighbors, and steal away their exclusively male underwear. Over the past two months, a cat named Bridget brought home 11 of underpants and more than 50 pairs of socks, reports the BBC.

According to the owner of the cat Sarah Nathan, Bridget, and used to love to bring home different men’s and women’s underwear, and once brought hockey equipment and jumpers. But with the move to a new home the cat began to bring in house certain men’s underwear models and men’s socks of different colors.

Stolen items Bridget leaves in a variety of places: on the threshold of the house, in the house, on the bed of the hostess and its place. Most of the stolen was stuck in the fence of the garden.a-brief-history-about-a-cat-that-steals-mens-underwear

“She’s completely obsessed. The night passes without that she didn’t bring new things. This morning I found the house has four sock”, — complains the owner Brigitte.

She says that soon the cat-klepto will move out of the city, in a separate house with garden of approximately 1 ha, and then the cat will be harder to get to the neighbor’s underwear.
However, while Sarah Nathan bought Bridget a bunch of cowards for boys in the hope that the cat would stop stealing them from the neighbors.

“I feel terrible,’ says Sarah, ‘someone has spent, must be a fortune on underwear”.
After Sarah told me about your cat in Facebook, she learned that these cats very much and her cat-klepto not the only one who brings home stolen items.

However, according to Sarah, she had not yet heard about the cat who so selectively would treat his prey.a-brief-history-about-a-cat-that-steals-mens-underwear2