40 pit bulls in an abandoned house

The inhabitants of one of houses on the lake Matthew, CA, drew attention to the fact that from a neighbor’s house carries some muck. Arrived on the scene, the authorities found that the house nobody lives, except 40 pit bulls.

11 of them were already dead, a few more died in the hospital. The other, vets were pumped out and fattened — now they are waiting for new owners at the shelter.40-pit-bulls-in-an-abandoned-house-140-pit-bulls-in-an-abandoned-house-240-pit-bulls-in-an-abandoned-house-340-pit-bulls-in-an-abandoned-house-440-pit-bulls-in-an-abandoned-house-540-pit-bulls-in-an-abandoned-house-740-pit-bulls-in-an-abandoned-house-6

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