25 cents

One child of ten years he entered the café and sat down at a table. The waitress came up to him.
– How much chocolate ice cream with nuts? “asked the boy. “Fifty cents,” the woman replied.
The boy pulled a hand from his pocket and counted the coins.
– How much is plain ice cream, no nothing? “asked the child.
Some visitors waited at the tables, the waitress started to complain:
– Twenty-five cents, ” he said curtly in response.
The boy again counted the coins.
– Want a simple ice cream, he decided.
The waitress brought the ice cream, threw it on the table for the bill and left. The child finished eating the ice cream, paid the cashier the bill and left. When the waitress came back to clean the table, she got a lump in my throat. She saw that next to an empty vase lay neatly folded coin, twenty-five cents – its tip.25cents

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