Charming pig Piper thinks he’s a dog

If the animal shortly after birth to settle together with the representatives of another species, they quickly learn unusual skills. And subsequently spend their lives in the firm belief that they — not they, and exactly the same as their friends.

The pig Piper feels like a puppy, because this pig grew up among dogs. Life Piper began very sad — his own mother had rejected it, and it barely saved. Growing Piper’s house, the hosts introduced the pig with other animals, and Piper soon began to identify themselves with one of the dogs.

Piper just as quickly runs and jumps like dogs, she is absolutely fearless and takes protective qualities — for example, say the owners, every day attacks the postman.
This little sassy thing is liked by everyone without exception!Charming pig Piper thinks he's a dog

Piper is friends with all animals, including pigs, living in its enclosure, and lizard. But even playing with her sisters in appearance, Piper does not feel one of them.

Best friend Piper the dog Iggy, which is more than the mumps three times. Dog when meeting behaved cautiously, but dared the pig to convince her that they are kin by blood. From Iggy pig has taken over love for runningalong with a dog they are very quickly worn, and Piper not far behind. She can even wag his tail, however, instead of barking she still only comes out “oink-oink-oink“!Charming pig Piper thinks he's a dog2